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Masstech Advanced Workflow Solutions Enable Cost-Saving Automation and Future-Proof Flexibility for

Actualizado: 25 mar 2022

April 7, 2016 — TORONTO, Ontario: Masstech – the trusted provider of innovative, advanced workflow and media asset management solutions – announced today that Venezuelan media services provider VC Medios is using the powerful MassStore platform to manage and automate VC Medios' file-based production and digital delivery workflows. Building on the tangible benefits realized by its first installation of a Masstech solution, VC Medios has purchased two additional systems to support the company’s growth and geographic expansion.

Headquartered in Caracas, VC Medios manages technical operations for Latin American cable networks including A&E, History, Lifetime, H2, E! and IVC Net. Initially deployed to automate the transfer of file-based content between Caracas and a partner-owned playout facility in Sunrise, Florida, the Masstech solutions now manage the movement of content not only across multiple locations, but also internally between VC Medios' archive, post production and playout workflows.

Purchased from Venezuelan systems integrator Avcom, one of the two new systems was acquired for VC Medios' newly-opened production center in Bogota, Colombia. The second new system was added in their Caracas headquarters to support operations for IVC Net, a new Venezuelan entertainment and sports channel distributed both locally and in the U.S.

MassStore's native integrations with an extensive array of third-party solutions allow media and metadata to flow seamlessly between VC Medios' disparate production and playout systems, streamlining operations while maximizing efficiency. Programming received from VC Medios' content partners or retrieved from the company's LTO tape-based archive is transparently transformed into their preferred production format using MassStore’s built-in, high-quality transcoding. MassStore then moves the content into post production workflows for localization and preparation for multi-platform distribution, including cable playout, Video-on-Demand (VOD) and TV Everywhere delivery across multiple viewing devices. Automated MassStore workflows then transfer playout-ready files to the Sunrise facility, where another MassStore system moves them onto the playout servers and notifies the automation system.

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