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Bogotá, November 7th 2019

Actualizado: 11 abr 2022

VC Medios Colombia, with the collaboration of Avcom Colombia, implemented the first IP full integrated playout system in Bogota. VCM choose Grass Valley to launch 18 signals belonging to A+E LATAM brands. This system is an environment based in an IT infrastructure, including GV Channel-in-a-Box Servers, Cisco Switchers and Dell Isilon NAS. The IP infrastructure standard selected was SMPTE 2110 & 2022-7. This IP new platform introduced changes in monitoring and the handling of the signals.

Gregorio Perez, Engineering Director at Avcom, said: “the main challenges of this technological implementation have been this brand-new solution, the little experience existing in the market to implement this solution, for which the support of the factory was essential, and the willingness to change the traditional workflows that have been using in the networks”

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